Professionally, I am a strategic content marketer with experience creating content across various digital platforms. Personally, I make a wicked tilapia, so my cats think I'm awesome. I have a degree in mass communications and digital journalism, and a completed apprenticeship in digital marketing. Combining marketing and journalism is my specialty.





Flood Swallows Manhattan, Kansas

Several coworkers and I delivered breaking news to Manhattan, KS residents. I received a phone call at 5 A.M to head to a scene to interview residents affected by the destruction. It's the most urgent, time-pressing story I've done to date. This article soared to be our most-viewed story on the site at the time, with over 1,000 readers.


The Man Who Collects Historical Records

This piece is near to my heart because it drew in a certain type of audience. Music lovers, unite, those who admire old records, rejoice. The man featured owns a record from the 1800s. Learning about the history of music was a treat for our music-loving audience.


How Kansas State University Cancels Classes

This inside look is one of my favorites because I went behind the scenes for my college newsletter. I discovered the process of canceling college classes at Kansas State University. It required to interview high-profile sources and garnered over 1,000 readers. 




Social Media Campaign: Bob Allen Ford Dealership

I developed a social media campaign for a local car dealership. The challenge was that they were unable to sell a higher number of trucks. I created social media audits across various digital platforms, designed mockup advertisements for the dealership, and calculated a budget. The suggested steps were taken and thoroughly enhanced the site.


Website Audit: Austin's Couch Potatoes

The challenge this client faced was a busy website. They had too much going on internally within the site. My website audit proved useful. I provided a list of keywords to optimize traffic, increased page speed by modifying CSS and HTML tags, and added security features. Better conversion rates and more traffic to the site followed.


Google Analytics: Blackhawk Digital Marketing

I worked with a team of marketers and utilized Google Analytics to help a small start-up digital marketing company. We used data analytics to track conversion rates, referrals to the site, and organic keywords. The goal was to grab more consumers to sign on with the company. With GA, we were able to read the data and take the steps necessary to improve the journey.