Flood Swallows Manhattan, Kansas

Several coworkers and I delivered breaking news to Manhattan, KS residents. I received a phone call at 5 A.M to head to a scene to interview residents affected by the destruction. It's the most urgent, time-pressing story I've done to date. This article soared to be our most-viewed story on the site at the time, with over 1,000 readers.

For freelancing, I had the opportunity to write for the gaming industry. This is 1 of 5 articles I wrote for GamersDecide. This one article required a lot of research and background knowledge to produce. It showcases my humorous and casual tone rather than professional.

GamersDecide: Smash Bros. Ultimate

This inside look is one of my favorites because I went behind the scenes for my college newsletter. I discovered the process of canceling classes at Kansas State University. It required to interview high-profile sources and garnered over 1,000 readers.

How Kansas State University Cancels Classes

This piece is near to my heart because it drew in a certain type of audience. Music lovers, unite, those who admire old records, rejoice. The man featured owns one from the 1800s. Learning about the history of music was a treat for our audience.

The Man Who Collects Historical Records

This article is earned money for a good cause. It helped a community raise money for a Special Olympics athlete. This post gained traction and created buzz around town, earning more donations. Eventually, the athlete was able to travel due to the funds raised. 

Raising Money for Special Olympics Athlete

Ghostwriting: Doomsday Preppers

During my freelance experience, I ghostwrote several articles for a variety of clients. This is 1 of 10 pieces. This is an informative take on doomsday preppers. It's an evergreen piece that is currently relevant due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are people taking prepping too far nowadays?

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